VENEUX® Leren Opbergcase - VENEUX
VENEUX® Leren Opbergcase - VENEUX
VENEUX® Leren Opbergcase - VENEUX
VENEUX® Leren Opbergcase - VENEUX

VENEUX® Leather Storage Case

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Long lasting curls

For every hair type

Designed in the Netherlands

Salon haircut in minutes


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VENEUX® Leren Opbergcase - VENEUX

VENEUX® Leather Storage Case



With the Veneux® AirStyler you can easily style the most beautiful waves and curls at home!

This Makes the Veneux® AirStyler So Unique

With the 5-in-1 Veneux® AirStyler, your hair is styled with air instead of extreme heat. The AirStyler reaches a maximum temperature of 90 to 100 degrees and checks the temperature 40 times per second.

This gives you exceptional curls that last all day, even with sensitive hair .

Hair Like You Just Came From The Hairdresser!

Enchanting curls and straight hair as if you just came from the hairdresser - the Veneux ® AirStyler makes it possible!

How Does the Veneux® AirStyler Work?

Thanks to the advanced Coanda air technology, your hair wraps itself around the Veneux™ AirStyler almost automatically. The blow-dryer air flows along the styling rod with sophisticated precision . This way, your hair clings to the device and transforms into waves that stay in place all day long .

Even with sensitive locks you can create exceptional curls that shine all day long.

Easy operation

With the Veneux® AirStyler, styling is a piece of cake! Whether you want to dry, straighten, shape curls or make waves, it's all possible with the simple push of a button. Effortlessly swap the 5 versatile attachments and experience a styling revolution in the comfort of your own home - Brilliant, right?

The Veneux® AirStyler Compared to Other Devices

Veneux® AirStyler OTHERS
Styling without Heat: Healthier for your Hair
Affordable Luxury: Quality Doesn't Have to Be Expensive
Coanda Curl Technology: Perfect Curls, Effortless
Design in the Netherlands
5-in-1 Versatility: Everything you need in one device
Rapid Warm-up
Energy efficient but powerful

Pre-Styling Hair Dryer

Prepares your hair optimally for the ultimate styling adventure with a powerful, precise and wide airflow .

Smooth Brush

Say goodbye to your old-fashioned hair straightener. This brush provides a silky-smooth look, even if you are dealing with unruly or curly hair.

Innovative Curling Iron

Effortlessly create airy, voluminous curls and waves , all with the power of air and without the damage of extreme heat. Attachments for both the right and left sides are included!

Volume Boost Round Brush

Perfectly tailored to give even the most lifeless and fine hair an impressive volume boost . Experience more volume and shape like never before.

Every Day, Perfect Hair

  • Customers love the fast, effortless styling that delivers salon-worthy results in minutes, thanks to our 5-in-1 Air Styler Brush.
  • Users are enthusiastic about the brush because it styles without damaging the hair due to heat. They really appreciate that it maintains hair health while providing long-lasting results.
  • Many users are particularly impressed by the great value for money, highlighting the professional results and added value compared to similar products.

Does the Veneux® AirStyler Also Work on My Hair Type?

Why is the Veneux® AirStyler So Affordable?

Why does the Veneux® AirStyler have 5 different attachments?

How Do You Use the Veneux® AirStyler Correctly?

What if the Veneux® AirStyler Does Not Meet My Expectations?